Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I am the 211th MPAD's newest non-commissioned officer. I officially received my sergeant stripes in a promotion ceremony last week. Our other newly-minted NCOs, SGTs Fardette, Anderson and Logue all helped me prepare by rehearsing the promotion ceremony and the NCO creed. The ceremony was held in the evening, and it turned out to be great weather. We had a cookout afteward and everybody had fun. I was humbled that the unit would hold a cookout for me on my promotion day. It feels good to have my stripes now, after my promotion paperwork disappeared somewhere in Texas. Another packet was submitted here in Iraq. Now, with rank comes more responsibility and accountability. That means less complaining and fewer excuses. Thank you 211th for helping me with my promotion.

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roberttexas said...

Congrats on your promotion!

Bob Morecook
former SP5 USA
Vietnam PAO